The Office was formed of several departments managed by highly qualified, experienced and specialized team as follows:

nassef law office

1- Client Service Department: The department is assigned to provide clients with reports on the activities undertaken in their favor. It also coordinates with clients to obtain the documents required by the Office.

2- Banks’ Department: This department is assigned to enter into contacts with banks and prepare researches and legal opinions required to defend the interests of the clients. It can enter to any negotiation to schedule client’s debts and drafts relevant settlement of indebtedness contracts. The department is also assigned to find alternative solutions for clients, instead of resorting to courts, such as finding suppliers to financially support clients’ stumbling projects.

3- Litigation Department: This department represents the clients before Judicial Authorities, Settlement of Disputes Committees and Commercial Arbitration Authorities, and defends their interests. The department further prepares defense pleadings in all stages of litigation, attends court sessions and appears before all other judicial Authorities. In addition, it defends the clients’ interests before all Investigation Authorities such as The Public Prosecution, The Administrative Prosecution, The Public Funds Prosecution, The Social Prosecution, The Police Stations and the Crime Control Authorities.

4- Contracts Department: This department is assigned to draft contracts such as drafting sale, lease and real estate contracts, mortgage agreements. The department coordinates with one of internal advisor, who is licensed to sell real estates, disability and life insurance policies and securities in the United States of America. He has four years of experience in retail lending and over than fourteen years of experience in residential, construction and commercial lending including all elements of pre-qualifying, underwriting, and closing loans. The department is also assigned to act in the legal fields of franchise and tourism and drafts relevant documentation such as concession and management agreements.

5- Corporate Department: This department is formed to incorporate companies, secure tax cards and record them in Chambers of Commerce of whatever type. A number of lawyers in this department are elected to legally represent the Office before the Companies Authority. Those lawyers are linked between the higher management of the company and the Company Authorities to ensure the legal services are properly rendered to the clients.

6- Real Estate Department: The department is entrusted with registration of proprietorship, mortgages and other internal and external interests.

7- Translation Department: This department is assigned to make the translation job of legal documents whenever required either from Arabic into English or vice versa.

8- Collection of Bad Debts & Execution of Judgment Department: The department is formed to have the court judgments (criminal, civil or commercial) executed and enforced, and follows up the process of execution of the arbitral awards issued by the national and international Commercial Arbitration Authorities. The department is further assigned to carry out all types of mortgages, executive and conservatory attachments, as well as the inventory procedures, judicial and amicable liquidation. The department handles the collection of clients’ bad debts owned by third parties either amicably or judicially.

9- Tax Disputes Department: The Office, through its taxation experts, successfully represents clients before different Tax Authorities. It provides tax consultations, auditing services and defends clients’ interests before Challenge Committees and Competent Courts.

10- Library and Archiving Department: This department is assigned to organize the library with all periodicals, legal and scientific references thereof, according to an accurate filing system. It follows up the Laws-issuance-process starting from their discussion by the ‘People’s Assembly’ until approval and enforcement thereof. This department is also formed to arrange clients’ files according to a highly advanced library program, which enables other departments to easily review the files and add necessary documents thereto. It is also liable for the Office’s filing system and archive, which both enable different departments to be fully aware of the dates, on which disputes were raised and settled. The Office’s management is deemed the legal representative of the Office before third parties, and by which all Firm’s contracts; dispositions and liabilities are concluded, made and entered into the other entities.

11- Labor and social insurance Department: This department is formed to assure negotiating and resolving any issues that might arise between the employee and employer concerning the rights of each.

Through its qualified team of lawyers and counsels the Office is highly committed to provide personalized and effective service to its clients.
nassef law office
nassef law office